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Sharon's Antiques Vintage Fabrics is a family business which grew out of our involvement with antiques and our love for the design, color and textural appeal of antique and vintage textiles. Both of us have been involved in various aspects of the antique business for more than thirty years, together we have found we share a love and appreciation for quilts, fabrics and textile items.

When we began our use of the internet a few years ago, we realized that here we finally had the cyberspace to display all the items for which we had no physical display space, and make them visible to the entire world, rather than a small segment of the population that we might happen to encounter.

Online since May of 1998, since that time we have grown from a small website with a few feedsacks to a large multi-page website offering vintage textiles of many categories, with plans for additional growth in the future. Our emphasis is on quality: we try to present exceptional items, not the ordinary. We have many repeat customers, and new viewers daily, thanks to the word of mouth from our satisfied customers, and features in Country Living and Martha Stewart's Living magazines, among others. Thanks to all our friends for making Sharon's a success.


Sharon & Bill

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