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From the renowned workshops of Vera Marghab on Madeira comes this lovely tea tablecloth and eight napkins set in the Shell pattern. Elegant and delicate, the Shell pattern features the characteristic fine embroidery, applique and openwork of the Marghab shops.
Measuring 40 x 42 inches, and crafted from Margandie, Vera Marghab's own superior brand of organdy, the tablecloth features a ring of shell patterns in the center and a border of larger shells, with openwork at the corners. All of the designs have an appliqued extra layer of Margandie along with the exquisite embroidery outlining and detailing which you can see in the detailed photos below.
The napkins measure 14 inches each, of fine linen with applique and embroidered details in the corner. Between the tablecloth and napkins, there must be millions of tiny hand stitches in the embroidered patterns and edging.
This set is in a beautiful soft blue color and has obviously been well cared for, as it's in excellent condition.

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