From Lehigh Co., PA. dated 1877, this Rolling Stone quilt is inscribed in Frakturschrift with the names of local residents along with that of the penman, Edward Dinsh.

List of names inscribed on quilt, from top left:

Rebecca Schmoyer
Thomas Schmoyer
Liddy Schmoyer
Kathe Steininger
Cora Schmoyer
Abessina Poh
Benjamin Schrader
William Becker
Mary Jane Smoyer
Irvin Schmoyer
Rebecca Lichtenwalner
William Lichtenwalner

Clara Schrader
John Beck
Esther Haines
Franklin Krock
Willibaugh Schmoyer
Amanda Krock
George Schlicher
Willy Schmoyer
Edwin Schmoyer
Edward Dinsh 1877
Simon Grammes
Jane Grammes
Kathe Schlicher
James Schmoyer
Henrietta Schmoyer
Joseph Haines
Jacob Haines
Elisabeth Haines
Milton Grammes
William Grammes
William Bortz
Sussanne Haines
Daniel Schmoyer
Elisabeth Schmoyer

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