From southeastern PA, but designed by Hubert Ver Mehren of Iowa, this very art deco 1930's quilt features bright color and striking pattern - an eleven pointed starburst! In crisp, unused condition, it measures about 80 inches square.

Price: $2295


Using all solid colors, red-orange, yellow, nile green and white, the quilter has assembled a series of stars, each surrounding another within, to create an emphatic design statement. Ver Mehren called this his "Chysanthemum" pattern.
The starburst is set in a white circle, surrounded by fancy quilting motifs in a white square.
Quilting is done in grids, straight lines, feathered vines and pineapple patterns at 8-9 stitches per inch.
The rayed border features the addition of a true red solid fabric to the yellow and green.
The white backing fabric is turned to the front around the edges to form the binding.

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