Here's a beautifully designed and executed applique quilt from the 1930's. In excellent, bright condition, it measures about 80 inches square.

Price: $795

Using solid color fabrics in pink, yellow and green on a white background, the maker has created a lovely medallion pattern, centering a four-block floral motif within borders of pink and yellow.
The one inch borders are in turn surrounded by an eleven inch outer border in white with flowers centered and at the corners.
The meticulously appliqued flowers and leaves are augmented with embroidery to delineate petals and veins.
The edges of top and bottom are turned under and machine sewed, there is no separate binding.
The cotton batting is thin.
The backing fabric is plain white, showing off the varied and intricate quilting. Quilting stitches outline the appliques, form a 3/4 inch grid in the background and a cable between colored borders, all at 7-8 stitches per inch.

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