From Lancaster County PA, comes this delightful mid-19th century applique quilt. It measures a large 101 inches square.

Price: $3495

Filled with color and pattern, this great design uses madder red, overdyed green and cheddar fabrics on a white background.
The central field is composed of 13 blocks on point, each featuring an urn from which grow three full peony flowers. The blocks are separated by a sawtooth sashing in red and green.
The outer border features a vine that sprouts from the corner and continues to the opposite corner, with an inner sawtooth border.
Half square triangles surrounding the central field contain urns displaying single yellow tulip blooms.
The blooms and urns show reverse applique detail in cheddar.
Quilted in outline, and in grids and floral patterns at 7-9 stitches per inch.
The backing fabric is white with small black figures.

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