This "Indiana Puzzle" variation quilt was found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Crafted of an indigo calico and white muslin, it dates from about 1890 or so. Measures about 74 x 87 inches.

Price: $895

This quilt's design is created in a nine-patch format, with four patch blocks in the corners, half-square triangles on the sides and an indigo block in the center, giving the whole block set on point a sort of whirling motion.
The same white dotted indigo print fabric is used for the 2 1/4 inch border and separate, hand-stitched binding. The back of the quilt is white.
Straight line quilting in rows 1 1/4 inch apart, in a square grid in the setting blocks, and in diagonals in the border, all at about 9-10 stitches per inch.
The quilt includes a so-called "humility block", a small but obvious mistake. There is an unproven myth that quilters intentionally included this mistake because only God's work is perfect.

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