A Lancaster Co. PA Amish quilt, Sunshine and Shadow. Rayon crepe and satin, dates from the late 1940's, and measures about 84 inches square.

Price: $850

13 inch broad outer borders in a deep mauve, anchored with azure corner blocks, frame the Sunshine & Shadow pattern of small 1 3/4 inch squares in alternately light and dark jewel-toned solid colors in the central field.
The small squares are quilted in a diagonal grid, with floral vines in the borders and ribbon-tied bouquets in the corner blocks, all at 7-8 stitches per inch in dark thread.
A separate 1 3/4 inch binding in deep lavender frames the entire quilt in yet another subtly contrasting color.
The backing of the quilt is a paisley print, with a strip of blue chambray and a small piece of floral feedsack used to fill in. The back is the only place where the traditional Lancaster County Amish would use a patterned fabric.
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