From the Oley valley of Berks Co., PA, this unusual quilt dates from ca.1890. In crisp, unused condition, it measures about 78 x 80 inches.

Price: $780

Withing a six inch border of green calico are alternating 9 1/2 inch blocks in two quite different patterns of triangles and squares - a tour de force of piecing.
One type of block features a double pink square set on point in the center, with triangles in double pink, chrome yellow and Lancaster blue completing the design, known as "Lost Children".
The second block style is a center square of green calico surrounded by a sawtooth border of chrome yellow and Lancaster blue.
The backing fabric is a black and white patterned stripe mourning print, the batting is thin. The green calico border fabric is turned to the back around the edge and hand stitched to form the binding.
Quilted by the piece, with 1 1/2" grids in the larger squares and a cable pattern in the border, at 5-7 stitches per inch.
The individual fabrics are the staples of the Pennsylvania "Dutch" quilter - double pink, Lancaster blue, chrome yellow and green calicos.

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