An early Pennsylvania quilt in the pattern sometimes known as Lafayette's Orange Peel, dating from c. 1840. As with most very early quilts made for high beds, this one measures a rather large 100 by 102 inches, in excellent condition.

Price: $2250


Also known as Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, this quilt features lots of curved piecing of the two contrasting calico fabrics in green and chrome yellow, along with a brown border in polished chintz.
Individual blocks measure about 7 inches, with quilting in a diagonal 2 inch grid at about 6 stitches per inch.
Close up shows the early calico prints, red and black on chrome yellow, and black on green.
The 8 inch chintz border features a brown floral print with a blue stripe.
The quilt is backed in plain muslin, with a very thin batting.
The quilt is bound at the edge with an early twilled "Trenton" tape.

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