From Bucks County, PA, a Mennonite quilt in wool fabrics, in a pineapple log cabin or Windmill Blades pattern. Measures about 84 x 84 inches and dates from ca.1880's.

Price: $1995 sorry,sold

Using solid deep red, gray and black suiting, and a bluegreen windowpane check, this quiltmaker created a striking graphic statement.
Individual blocks measure about 8 inches.
Log cabin blocks anchor the corners with gray zig-zags in the broad borders, all surrounded by a narrow border of the deep red and a black binding.
Quilted in dark thread, in chevrons in the border and by the piece in the log cabin blocks.
The back of the quilt is constructed of strips of black alternating with strips of a red and green plaid that coordinate with the colors of the top.

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