From Northern Berks or Northwestern Lehigh Co., PA. ca. 1910, this unusual applique quilt originates from that area only. A variation on the fleur de lis pattern, there are two different blocks (sometimes three, with a different one in the center, as in this case) used in each of the examples we've seen. If you check our Gallery of Sold Quilts you'll see other examples of this pattern, all from the same area. Measures about 86 inches square.

Price: $1795

In the corners of the central field are blocks featuring four fleur de lis each sprouting a daisy and a tulip, and with a reverse appliqued center insert.
Along the sides are eight pointed fleur de lis blocks with reverse applique ovals inset, and a central flower.
The center block is more of a typical Whig rose applique block.
A 2 1/2 inch inner border is comprised of a row of double pink squares set on point, while the 10 inch wide outer border is white. The outer edge is turned to the back and hand stitched to bind the quilt.
Appliqued on a white background, fabrics used include traditional calicos in green, double pink and chrome yellow along with a solid Turkey red.
Quilted in outline, and in a variety of motifs in the open areas as shown, at 7 to 9 stitches per inch.
There is minor surface soil and a few small spots of age discoloration, but overall the quilt is in excellent condition.

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