A Berks County, PA Bars Quilt in bright late 1800's calicos. Measures about 80 x 88 inches and dates from ca.1890's. Excellent condition, apparently unused.

Price: $650

The maker used bright colored late 19th century calicos to create a striking effect of rainbows - broad red bars separating groups of tricolored stripes.
The placement of the colors alternates between chrome yellow and Lancaster blue on the outside, with a red stripe always in the center.
The broad black dotted red bars are quilted in a cable pattern, while the multicolored stripes are done in zig-zags, all at about 7 stitches per inch.
The back of the quilt is also pieced with bars, these of red, blue and green calico.
The separate, hand-applied binding is done in a variety of period calicos as well.

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