We found this delightful little cradle or doll quilt in Chester County, PA. It measures 23 x 37 inches, and is dated 1934.

Price: $475

Each little 3 1/2 inch block has its own appliquéd sunbonnet Sue figure in a 1930's print fabric with contrasting hat and pocket!

The appliqué is done with a buttonhole stitch, and extra detail and adornment is provided for each in embroidery.

Additionally, each block has embroidered flowers, and is bordered in a turkey stitch.

The border has appliquéd "leaves" of another 1930's print on a tan fabric which is also used for the back of the quilt.

Along the bottom edge of the fifth row of squares is stitched "To Dolores Dec 25 1934 From Nanna Smith" What a wonderful Christmas gift this original piece of folk art must have been!
There is utility quilting outlining the figures, the squares, and the leaves in the border.
This quilt shows some age discoloration along with a little surface soil and one or two brown stains - they are not overly obtrusive and might be removed or lessened considerably with a careful cleaning.

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