Folky PA Dutch Star Quilt

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This folk-art tied quilt is done in a style not seen much outside of the Mennonite areas of eastern Pennsylvania. It measures about 69 x 75 inches and dates from the 1930's or so. Jewel tone yarns were stitched around a tin star or flower pattern, then the tin was cut out, leaving the trimmed wool in a chenille-like star.

The background fabric blocks are mens' wool suitings in brown, black, grey and navy. Blocks in the central area measure 7 1/2 inches square, while the blocks in the border are 6 1/2".
The arrangement of the different colored backings and the wide variety of bright color combinations of yarn make this an exceptional example. That and the fine condition, with no damage noted, combine to make this the best one we've seen.
The outer edge is bound with a burgundy wool. The top is tied to the backing with black yarn at the corners and edges of the blocks. There is no batting.
The back of the quilt is a blue, green, white and coral check in cotton flannel.
This unusual folk art quilt is warm enough to use, but not too heavy to hang.
One of our Mennonite friends remembers being taught this craft in her Mennonite school when she was a small girl. The various patches made by the girls in the class were then assembled into a quilt to be sold to benefit the school.