From Lancaster County, PA, comes this quilt in the pattern known as Tree Everlasting, or more simply, sawtooth bars. In crisp, unused condition, it measures about 85 by 90 inches and dates from ca. 1880.

Price: $1295

Bars of a butterscotch print are divided and contained by a dark green with black print fabric and edged all around with half-square triangles to form the sawtooth design.
Outer border measures about 5 1/2 inches, with bars about 4 inches wide, triangles are halves of 2 inch squares.
Quilted in a cable pattern in the outer border, in outline of the triangles, and in a diamond 5/8" grid in the yellow bars, square 5/8" grid in the green at 7-8 stitches per inch.
Applied binding is the same butterscotch print as in the quilt top.
The backing fabric is a gray, red and brown plaid print.

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