Here's a sensational 1880's quilt top featuring small half-square triangles throughout, in a variation of the Trip Around the World pattern.
We found this top in Montgomery County, southeastern Pennsylvania. It's entirely hand pieced, and measures about 78 x 80 inches.

Price: $425

1 1/2 inch squares are divided diagonally into light and dark, and arranged in concentric rows around a nine block center.
The 4 1/2 inch outer border is a chrome yellow calico.
There's a variety of indigos, yellows, greens and reds, along with lots of shirting prints for contrast. In this picture, the border fabric retains a remnant of its original paper label.
The turkey red conversation print in the center blocks features white anchors.
Another row of squares also includes an interesting period conversation print.
From the back, hand piecing stitches can be seen.

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