We found this lovely flower baskets quilt in Berks County, PA. It measures about 74 x 82 inches, and dates from about the 1880's.

Price: $550

The maker has created basket blocks from deep green and black on white calicos, setting them on point and sashing them with zigzags of brilliant double pink, one of the favorite fabrics of PA Dutch quilters.
There's a wide border of double pink, and the quilt is bound around the outer edge with the same deep green used for the basket blocks.

There's a variety of quilting, too - the baskets being quilted by the piece, with cables in the sashing and double diagonal rows of stitching in the borders, all at 7-8 stitches per inch.

As with many of these old beauties, piecing was done by treadle machine, and the basket handles were applied by machine as well.

Condition is excellent, one unobtrusive age spot on one of the white triangles, but otherwise crisp and bright.

A pretty period print in tan and blue was used to back the quilt.

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