From Lancaster County, PA, this Rose of Sharon Applique quilt dates from the mid 1800's. It measures about 84 x 90 inches and is in very good condition with great eye appeal.

Price: $1695

To order. email: or phone 610-756-6048

12 rose wreaths and a vine border on three sides in overdyed green, turkey red solid and chrome yellow constitute a tour de force of applique.
Each 18" wreath features four full blooms with reverse appliqued yellow centers, along with a dozen buds.
The border features alternating full blooms and buds among the leaves as it snakes its way around the quilt using several different green calico prints.
Quilting motifs include whorls of tulips in the spaces between the wreaths, tulips and trefoils within the wreaths, and a variety of other flower and leaf forms. The appliques are quilted in outline. Quilting stitches measure about 8 or 9 to the inch.
The back of the quilt is plain white.
The quilt top was pieced of 12 wreath blocks, with the borders added separately.
This quilt has been carefully and lovingly used for a century and a half, but shows no holes, tears or stains and will serve for a long time to come.

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