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Vintage Kitchen Tablecloths - Specials

This page features tablecloths that are priced lower than most of our stock; all have been used, and while some may have a small defect or two, many of our customers actually prefer the lightly faded look for their shabby cottage decor. All of the tablecloths here are quite attractive, and great for patio, sunroom, barbecue or general use

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This pretty vintage tablecloth features big tropical leaves in blue. Needs slight attention. Click HERE for details.
#T830 - 50 x 54" - $32

Vintage tablecloth features bunches of grapes on gray, has an unobtrusive 1/2" hole in one grape, otherwise nice. Good fixer-upper! Click HERE for details.
#T1001 - 54 x 58" - $24

Lois Long designed this cute, kitschy chickens tablecloth, this one unfortunately has just a couple of light bleached out spots. Click HERE for details.
#T801 - 54 x 65" - $45

Lovely roses design. Some light grayish spots and probably some overall softenng of color. Click HERE for details.
#T1002 - 50 x 50" - $40

Here's a vintage tablecloth featuring Mexican pottery, with light overall fading, but still bright and cheerful. Click HERE for details.
#T423 - 48 x 53" - $40

Vintage Wilendur Tulip tablecloth shows fading of gray grid lines but is otherwise bright and beautiful. Click HERE for details.
#T1008 - 54" x 52" - $45
red gray fruit vintage tablecloth
vintage fruit tablecloth
Around a bright red center is a wide variety of fruit in red and gray, all growing from the same branches. Click HERE for details.
#T1009 - 45" x 46" - $48
vintage tablecloth
Pale yellow center surrounded by herb and spice names, a border of various condiments. Click HERE for details.
#T845 - 51 x 58" - $42
vintage violets tablecloth

Very cute tablecloth with a ruffles, teapots, utensils and more - with red misprinted off-register. Click HERE for details.
#T798 - 52 x 63" - $38 sorry,sold

Wonderful shabby cottage look in a lovely strawberry pattern. Soft overall fading, just right. Click HERE for details.
#T1004 - 50 x 46" - $40

Bamboo decorated dishes arranged on a green wood-grain border. One small thread break. Click HERE for details.
#T820 - 50 x 54" - $44

A tiny dark spot is the only problem we could find on this bright tablecloth alternating red checked and white squares full of flowers. Click HERE for details.
#T422 - 50 x 49" - $38

Large autumn harvest vintage tablecloth with minor misprint, otherwise excellent. Click HERE for details.
#T1013 - 60 x 84" - $56

This vintage Broderie fruit tablecloth has its original paper label, but uneven color printing. Click HERE for details.
#T748 - 49 x 51" - $55

Showy watercolor style florals decorate this vintage tablecloth on heavy cotton, gently used, with a light yellow spot or two visible when held up to bright light. Click HERE for details.
#T417 - 54 x 56" - $38

This Startex tablecloth features blue, burgundy and yellow flowers on a burgundy center and border.Click HERE for details.
#T98 - 46 x 51" - $52

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