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Sharon's Vintage Valentine Hankies

Here's a selection of pretty Valentine hankies from our large stock. All are guaranteed vintage; items marked new to site are newly added to our site.

valentine hanky V174
For you, Dear in the corner hearts, with lace and doves and bows, more hearts and scalloped edge.
13 x 14" - V174 - $28 sorry,sold
vintage valentine hanky
One BIG heart.
14 x 15" - V121 - $30
valentine hanky V06
Red heart-shaped boxes of candy without the calories, and roses to boot... all with a scalloped edge.
13 x 13 1/2" - V6 - $32
vintage valentine hanky
This valentine hanky features bouquets of daisies filling the large corner hearts.
13 1/2 x 14" - V153 - $25
Pairs of red hearts are suspended by bows within a blue border.

14" square - V167 - $25

valentine hanky
vintage valentine hanky
A large heart surrounded with smaller red ones, and lots of daisies and ribbons.

12 1/2 x 13" - V163 - $27

valentine hanky 147
"A few shots from Cupid's bow". Hand-rolled.
14" square - V147 - $33 131
vintage valentine hanky
Big red hearts adorned with white daisies and pink rosebuds.
13 1/2 inches square - V131 - $27
valentine hanky 164
A center of ribbons connects to lots of hearts, with large lacy hearts in the corners.
13 1/2 x 14" - V164 - $28
vintage valentine hanky 161
Hearts and a profusion of flowers in both red and white.
13 1/2 inches square - V161 - $27
On a red background, lots of pairs of hearts, shot through with golden arrows, and a chain of hearts border. - hand rolled hem
14" square - V144 - $30
vintage valentine hanky
valentine hanky v162
Cupid takes aim from his perch atop the globe as his helpers look on and winged hearts fly about.
13 x 13 1/2 inches - hand rolled - V162 - $28
valentine hanky V152
To my valentine - a gift of roses and white hearts on a red background.
14" square - V152 - $26
valentine hanky
The message is a little repetitive, but clear: Be my Valentine, and Love!
14 x 14 1/2" - V159 - $28
valentine hanky v126
Two cupid musicians perched on a white ribbon flank a large red heart with applied lace edge.
14 1/2" square - V126 - $30
valentine hanky V171
"Just You", "Dear", "Forever" - the sentiments among the hearts centering red roses.
13 1/2" square - V171 - $28 131
Be My Valentine, surrounded by smaller hearts with stylized flowers.
Carl Tait - 14 1/2" square - hand rolled - V169 - $40
vintage valentine hanky
valentine hanky
White hearts in the red scalloped border surround nosegays of white flowers and red rosebuds, with the repeated words To You and Be Mine.
13 inches square - V36 - $26
valentine hanky v113
Lots of red hearts, and lots of white roses.
12 1/2" square - V113 - $20
vintage valentine hanky
Garlands and hearts made of roses, with cupids.
13 1/2 x 14" - V115 - $28
valentine hanky 138
Lacy looking white border with hearts and doves supports a row of red hearts, with small ones scattered in the center.
13 x 13 1/2" - Burmel - V138 - $27
vintage valentine hanky
A large red heart contains blue and white daisies and is surrounded by smaller hearts and ribbons.
13 1/2 x 13" - V119 - $26
A white ribbons suspends hearts with white roses in a lacy print border.
13 1/2 x 14" - V111 - $25 sorry,sold
vintage valentine hanky
valentine hanky
"My love is like a red, red rose" is the sentiment on this hanky featuring a suitor on bended knee .
11 1/2 x 12" - hand rolled - V52 - $28
valentine hanky v02
Four large hearts filled with small white ones and attached at center with white bows.
14" square - Burmel - V02 - $28
vintage valentine hanky
A bold and simple design of large and small hearts in red and white.
14" square - V118 - $28
valentine hanky v148
Bluebirds assist in suspending the large hearts in the corners from pink ribbons, lots of smaller hearts abound.
14 x 14 1/2" - V148 - $28
vintage valentine hanky
Bluebirds, blue ribbons and blue forget-me-nots surround the courting couple, along with bleeding hearts and other hearts in the border
13" square - hand rolled - V168 - $30

Valentine Puzzle Hankies

Shown here are some Valentine puzzle hankies, which fold to show a message different from what is seen when the hanky is laid flat. Fun gifts for Valentine's Day!

Unfolded, this hanky has red flowers in a scalloped white center with ribbon decoration around the edge, while folded the center becomes a white heart, and the ribbon spells My Valentine.
13 x 13 1/2" - V77 - $28
The bouquet of flowers in the center of this hanky disappears when folded, leaving only a big red heart with lacy borders.
13 x 13 1/2" - V158 - $28

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