March 29, 2013

Feedsack Friday – Colorful Plaids

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This Friday we’re continuing our discussion of plaid feedsacks. This time they’re multicolored feedsacks in balanced or symmetrical plaids. We’ll begin with diagonally oriented plaids, the first a pattern we’ve shown earlier in our discussion of various colorways, as it appears in several different color combinations.
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsack
We’ve found eight variations of this one, though there are probably more.

All the rest have fewer, but there are several with at least three colorways among our illustrations, many, many more in twos and singles.

plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack

Here are three pair:
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack
plaid feedsackplaid feedsackplaid feedsack

March 22, 2013

Feedsack Friday – Plaids

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Feedsack Friday is back again!

We’ve previously considered feedsacks with a checked pattern, the possible variations including color, scale, orientation. With plaids more variation is possible, especially the idea of the asymmetrical or unbalanced pattern.

To narrow the field a bit, we’ll begin our consideration of plaids today with single-color examples. Oddly, I found only one example of a balanced plaid with a straight or square orientation (in two different colors), but a great number with a diagonal orientation.
balanced red plaidbalanced green plaidbalanced blue plaid
balanced blue plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced green plaid
balanced green plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced purple plaid
We seem to have found a great number more single color plaids in red than in other shades. Quilters don’t seem to use plaids much, though they can be interesting for sashing and bordering.
balanced blue plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced blue plaid
balanced red plaidbalanced blue plaidbalanced blue plaidThe single color plaids are certainly less common than the multi-colored ones; but of these, the balanced plaids shown above and at left seem to be much more common. We did, however, find a few unbalanced single color plaids, which are shown here.
balanced green plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced red plaid
Next time, we’ll show lots more plaids in a wide variety of colors. We’ll probably do one week for the balanced patterns, another for the unbalanced. And in case there should be too many to consider at any one time, we may also have to divide them by other criteria.

Way back when we first balanced red plaidbalanced red plaid
started our feedsack business, plaids were distinctly unpopular, which is reflected by the fact that we, at that time, combined two of them in the same picture, the same pattern in different colors. At least now we give each feedsack its own mug shot!

March 19, 2013

A Long Absence

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We have neglected this blog for a long time.  However, we are hoping to once again post at least periodically, and to sometimes resume our Feedsack Friday postings as well.  For now, I’d like to discuss the lowly 9-patch quilt.
9-patch blocks

A 9-patch block is one of the simplest building blocks in quilting, consisting of 9 equal squares assembled into a larger square.   With only straight seams, the 9-patch is often a favorite of the less experienced quilter.  But depending on fabric choices, arrangement of the blocks and other variations of placement, bordering, etc., the result can be a vast difference between 9-patch quilts.  Here are a few from our site:
9-patch on point
Here’s one with sashing, as shown in our sidebar:
And a couple more different arrangements of the 9-patch blocks:
And of course, the 9-patch is the source of the quilt we know as the “Irish Chain”.
9-patch chain
9-patch quilts are by far the most common in our inventory; hopefully we’ll soon be adding a number of them on the Quilt Pages of our website.

June 18, 2010 Feedsack Friday – Spin Cycle

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We’ve been so busy it’s making us dizzy! So it seemed like a good idea this week to show feedsacks whose patterns suggest a spinning or swirling motion. Among these, some of my favorites are the bold art deco patterns.
spin sackspin sackspin sack

But there are many other types, including florals, that incorporate swirls…
spin sackspin sackspin sack
spin sackspin sackspin sack

And if I wasn’t dizzy enough when I started selecting these, I certainly will be before I finish – even the checks and stripes are moving as I look at them now….. So maybe I’ll have to quit after these few others, and try something different next week!
spin sackspin sackspin sack

June 4, 2010 Feedsack Friday Families

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One of our favorite series of feedsack designs featured a Mama and 4 or 5 babies of various animals. These seem to be rather scarce now, whether because they were popular and were all used up, or unpopular and did not sell, I don’t know. What I do know is that we don’t see them very often at all, and I have a limited number of images from the series. Here are fish in two colors, and yellow ducks:
mom & kids sackmom & kids sackmom & kids sack

I don’t know how many other kinds of animals were featured on these sacks, nor how many different colors were used, and as I said have seen relatively few examples. It strikes me as odd that I don’t remember ever seeing this pattern featuring hens and chicks! If you know of other examples, we’d love to hear about them. One other picture I did find in our archive was the one featuring pigs.

mom & kids sack I believe this one was available in several different colors as well, but have no other examples to show. Did they do horses, cows, or other farm animals? It only seems logical that they would, and we’d love to see pictures of any that you may have found in your travels.

Do you have favorites of the novelty designs? Or are florals your passion? The possibilities are seemingly limitless, and suggestions for future Feedsack Friday topics are always welcome!

May 21, 2010 Feedsack Friday – We’re Back!

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I know it’s been a while, but now that we’re settling into the spring and summer selling and gardening seasons, we’re busier than ever – so I thought it was a great time to get back to the blog, and get things updated. So here’s the latest installment of Feedsack Friday.

I don’t have a theme this week, so once again I’m just going to post some of our newest finds. I don’t know what we’ll ever do if we run out of new and interesting sacks, but we haven’t come close to the probable 20,000 or so possibilities. And in this lifetime, we probably won’t!

These are some of the sacks we found at our spring show:

On other fronts, asparagus season is in full swing, and our white wild strawberries will be ripening over the next couple of weeks, just ahead of the red raspberries, which are plumping up nicely, if still green. We’re so glad to have fresh home grown produce again. More soon, now that we’re back….

March 12, 2010 Feedsack Friday – Daisy, Daisy

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While we’ve found that the rose is the flower most commonly found on feedsacks, the daisy isn’t far behind. Perhaps it’s the daisy’s simplicity that lends it to a wide variety of design, by itself and in combination with other flowers. The first design we present here is the one we’ve found in more color variations than any other single feedsack design – we have at least seven different examples in our photo archive:
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack

And there are many, many more in a vast variety of colors, although the flowers themselves are generally white, with a few exceptions….
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack

There are many that also include roses, and many that do not.
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack
daisy feedsackdaisy feedsackdaisy feedsack

February 27, 2010 A Little Explanation

I’m sorry we haven’t been keeping up with our Feedsack Friday posts (nor any others for that matter) lately, but besides the several snowstorms, the usual hassles of business, and other day-to-day happenings, we’ve added something else. For the next 5 weeks, Bill will be spending 2 hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber, plus 1 1/2 hours of driving time. This seriously eats into our available work time, and unfortunately, the blog will suffer.

While I’m here, though, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of some of the great vintage tablecloths we’ve added to our stock lately. These are all from California Hand Prints, and are some of our favorites. Clicking on any image will take you to the page for the tablecloth, where you can see more, or even buy it!
CHP Pansies Tablecloth

I think this pansy tablecloth is the best of all, but also like the gardenias below, and the primrose, too!
CHP Gardenias Tablecloth
CHP Primrose Tablecloth

While I’m thinking of it, I’ll also mention Sharon’s Facebook page, where we’ll occasionally post something new and different. Stop by and become a fan!

February 12, 2010 Feedsack Friday – New Arrivals

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The last couple of weeks have been busier than most, what with various medical appointments, sales, and then two back-to-back accumulating snowstorms. So last week we missed Feedsack Friday, and this week again we’re ill-prepared. Rather than skip it altogether, though, I thought I’d feature a selection of new sacks we recently purchased from a central Pennsylvania estate, some of which, as always, we hadn’t seen before. So here’s a selection of some of the new ones. First, some geometrics:
new sacknew sacknew sack
new sacknew sacknew sack

And then some interesting florals:
new sacknew sacknew sack
new sacknew sacknew sack

Many of these, and other new arrivals, are now available on our website, Sharon’s Antiques: Vintage Fabrics – New Arrivals.

January 29, 2010 Feedsack Friday – South of the Border

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Another cold weekend ahead here in the northeast, so I’m glad to be continuing our visit to tropical climes. This week we’re headed south of the border, down Mexico way. Here’s a selection of feedsacks with a Mexican theme:
Mexican sackMexican sackMexican sack
Mexican sack Mexican sackMexican sack

This is by no means the only selection of Mexican themed sacks; I’ve seen quite a number with larger-scale vignettes, in various colorways – perhaps I’ll be able to feature them later.
There are also sacks that feature cactus from the desert southwest, and finally, you’ll want to wear one of these sun hats woven from palm leaves to keep from getting too hot.
cactus sackcactus sackhat sack

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to use the tropical theme to escape the reality of our winter chill, but we’ll see what we can find for next week on Feedsack Friday.