May 31, 2013

Feedsack Friday Mascot

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A brief post today for Feedsack Friday, to introduce our mascot.  Just another of the many uses to which feedsacks were put, of course we can’t forget the little ones.
See you next Feedsack Friday!

May 24, 2013

Feedsack Friday – New Arrivals

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Again, it’s the middle of our busy season, so I haven’t had much time to consider themes for this series, but there are a few feedsacks I’ve just gotten (most of which I hadn’t seen before), and so I thought I’d present a few here.

new feedsacknew feedsack
new feedsacknew feedsack
new feedsacknew feedsack

Several of these are currently available in my eBay store, along with some others – auctions ending Tuesday, May 28.

May 10, 2013

Feedsack Friday – Marking Time

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As we’ve seen before, I never seem to have enough time to do everything to keep both this business and my home going, and of course, spring is the busiest season. So today I thought I’d show one of the feedsacks we bought at our spring show, this one is timely.
time feedsacktime feedsack

A border print feedsack that gives you the choice of several times of day, from five of six to three o’clock… and the hands are very nearly the same size, so the readings may be somewhat ambiguous.  I can’t remember seeing another feedsack featuring clock faces, but I’m sure there must be some.  Anyone? 

This one would make really cute kitchen curtains, and along with the other nineteen we bought at the show, it’s mint, still in sack form.

May 3, 2013

Feedsack Friday – Tulip Time

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We had a late spring here in PA Dutch country. But for the last couple of weeks, the sun has been shining and things are warming up nicely, and the grass needs cutting, too. The tulips have already bloomed, but I thought we should show tulips on feedsacks this week.  I’m not absolutely sure that all the flowers we’ve selected are tulips, but many of them are, and the others at least are close. 
tulip feedsacktulip feedsacktulip feedsack
tulip feedsacktulip feedsacktulip feedsack
tulip feedsacktulip feedsacktulip feedsack
 feedsacktulip feedsacktulip feedsack
tulip feedsackplaid feedsacktulip feedsack
As you can see, our selections have run the gamut of realistic and stylized tulips, multiple colorways, a border print sack, and still I’m sure that there are more we didn’t find on the first or second time through. That’s it for this week, see you next Feedsack Friday!tulip feedsackplaid feedsacktulip feedsack
tulip feedsacktulip feedsack<