March 12, 2013

November 20, 2008 Hunker down, snuggle up!

Fall was exceptionally short this year – it’s only November but feels like midwinter already. This week the high temperatures have barely reached 40, and it’s been in the low 20’s when we wake up.

At this time of year we curtail much of our selling activity – it’s not much fun setting up at outdoor markets in the wind and cold. But we still have our online outlets that we can access from home, so we basically stay there and hunker down for the season. Over the last couple of years we’ve taken to setting our thermostat lower because of the rising cost of heating oil, and even though the price is coming down in recent weeks, we’ve gotten used to it and intend to continue to conserve.

Of course the winter months are not all about deprivation! It’s the time of long-simmered soups and stews, lots of comfort food to warm you from the inside. And to keep warm on the outside, at day’s end we just snuggle up! And what better way to snuggle than under one of these:
velvet fan comforter

Known variously as comforters or comforts, or as tied quilts, these are the ones made more for utility than for show; though of course there was no reason to sacrifice beauty for comfort. This one, in the grandmother’s fan pattern, is made entirely of Victorian velvets stitched with decorative stitching reminiscent of crazy quilts of the same era. It’s filled with a heavy cotton or wool batting, and along with a single sheet, provides plenty of covering for warmth in a cool house.
velvet fan comforter detail
velvet fan comforter detail

In past winters we’ve used a number of different comforters; we’ve worn out one or two with the help of our cats. This one we won’t subject to the kneading of little paws and claws, but will pass on to a new home while it’s still in excellent shape.

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