March 12, 2013

July 8, 2008 A little about the header (more about us)

At the top of this page, we show part of a quilt found here in Pennsylvania Dutch country. There is nowhere else that you’ll find such an abundance of gorgeous antique and vintage quilts. This one is an appliqued peony pattern, made somewhere around 1860 in Lancaster County.

Seriously, there are so many quilts in this area as to be overwhelming. Each auction, each estate settled turns up a few, tumbling from blanket chests. Some are well used and loved, but many were “chust for nice”, and were put away and hardly ever seen. This local phenomenon extends beyond quilts to all sorts of material goods; the Pennsylvania (Germans) Dutch were notoriously thrifty.

The local traits also include a high value on good craftsmanship and a love of bright color – both of which add to the exuberant abundance of lovely quilts here in stuff country USA.

Because there are so many, because we love most, if not all of them for their own special qualities, and because we don’t have unlimited space; we participate in what some of our online friends call “catch-and-release.” We buy the ones we can’t resist, enjoy them for a while, then pass them on to others who enjoy them as much as we do. That has a lot to do with the reasons behind our website. There’s so much, we are so weak; we struggle beneath a superfluity of quilts.

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