March 13, 2013

January 6, 2009 Quilting bee

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We only have one painting on our walls that has anything to do with quilts and quilting – but this one has everything to do with quilting. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at a quilting bee of African American women, signed Sallielou P Eakins. The image speaks for itself.
quilting bee

This was purchased years ago at our local antique market from the artist herself; or rather himself. At the time he was a young man living in Reading, PA. Sallielou was his alter ego and as far as I know he still paints under that name, having dropped the surname some time ago. Apparently he now lives in Cottonwood, NM. Here’s a gallery of some of his more recent work.

Several times we’ve seen Sallielou’s work turn up in auctions on eBay and in various outsider art and folk art circles.

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