March 13, 2013

January 9, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Gone With the Wind

Feedsacks in their seemingly infinite variety have reflected popular culture in many ways. Some of the most collectible today owe their popularity to the fact that they represent some favorite time, event or memory. So it is with these three that have been given the name Gone With the Wind, for perhaps obvious reasons. Four different vignettes are shown on each: The plantation, a carriage, a sidewheeler steamboat, and the locomotive General, from the train chase scene.
yellow gwtw
I remember first finding a few of these, on the yellow background, at a farm auction almost 10 years ago. By the time we’d finished bidding on the stack of feedsacks that contained several of them, most of the auctiongoers were aghast at the price. While these sacks are not popular among quilters in particular because of the larger scale imagery, there are nevertheless many feedsack collectors who feel the need to own at least one of each of the three colors. And of course there are also those collectors who love anything having to do with Gone With the Wind, either the book or the movie.
Here’s Tara on a red background:
red gwtw
And the General, puffing along on blue:
blue gwtw
We were amused to find the GWTW feedsacks being used as examples to publicize an exhibit at Empire State College in Utica, NY.

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  1. 1.OMG! I am such a GWTW fan and I just am in awe that there are feedsacks
    with these images! Thanks for sharing, Ani

    Comment by Ani — January 9, 2009 @ 10:08 pm

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    3.GWTW are my very favorite feedsacks. I bought a yellow and part of a blue
    one from Bill early one Sunday morning after working a 12 hour shift at
    a hospital in Lancaster while on a travel assignment. Sadly I didn’t get to
    meet Sharon while there. I love these articles. Keep them coming!

    Comment by Sheryl — March 9, 2009 @ 4:39 pm

    Comment by sharon — March 13, 2013 @ 12:36 pm

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