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January 12, 2009 Chickens in the Bedroom

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Some people refer to feed sacks as “chicken linen”, since the sacks most often held chicken feed. Years ago, before we started dealing in feedsacks, indeed even before we realized there was a market for feedsacks, I collected various chicken items, even kept chickens for a brief spell. Though the chicken collection has long been given up, some of it since sold, there are still any number of chicken items we didn’t want to part with scattered around the house.

There are only two chicken items in the bedroom. One’s this unsigned turn of the century oil painting that we found particularly pleasing.
Chicken painting

The painting was one of our many, many antique market finds, maybe a dozen years ago or more. One of the most famous painters of chickens, Ben Austrian, lived and painted nearby; he was of course famous for painting baby chicks. Since there’s not a chick to be seen in our painting, we are not holding out hope for it’s being a Ben Austrian.

The other bedroom chicken is one of a very few items that were actually purchased new, though it’s somewhat vintage in its own right by now. It’s our alarm clock – or should I say alarm cluck?
Chicken painting

Yes, when it’s time to awake, this battery powered fowl emits all sorts of peeping, then clucking, and finally loud crowing. Never slept through it. And it’s hard to wake up grumpy with such a silly face greeting you in the morning!

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