March 15, 2013

April 27, 2009 A time of change

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At this time of year everything happens in rapid fire. During our show last week, we started out with high temperatures in the 50’s and 20 mph winds; by Saturday we had a high of 90 degrees, with the humidity creeping up like it does in late summer. Shocking to the system, for sure. And the transition from cool to the premature summer heat has accelerated happenings in the garden as well. Some of the daffodils have withered, but the pinks are in full, bright bloom. This patch, which is escaping over the stone wall, was started with two plants in 4 inch pots about 11 years ago….
mountain pinks

What’s truly amazing to me, though, is the change in the asparagus. A week ago we were checking daily, waiting, yearning for the spears to emerge a little faster. Finally we managed, over the course of a day or two, to find about a dozen that had grown to 6 inches or so for our dinner. Fast forward past our weekend show – which is now all a blur anyway – and there are shoots emerging everywhere along the row, growing fast enough that I thought of sitting there to watch them lengthen. By Saturday night there were three dozen or so that I picked, leaving the ones as short as 6 inches for Tim and his crew to pick the next day; by noon Sunday he was able to harvest well over 100 spears. And this morning it’s apparent there will be an equivalent number again today; at 8:30 there were a number already sufficiently tall, and a large number more that would mature by day’s end.
morning asparagus

I inserted a stick into the ground next to the spear at right, that spear was about 5 inches at 8:30. By 11:30 it had grown another inch or so
noon asparagus

Checking on it later, I found it had been picked. I find comfort in knowing there will be more every day until mid-June. I love that the seasons dictate an ever-changing array of garden goodies!

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