March 15, 2013

May 29, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Strawberry Festival

Early this year we concentrated on cherry patterned feedsacks; it seems there are more cherries than any other single fruit in feedsack fabric designs. And while there are many designs that feature a variety of different fruit, perhaps the next most popular to the cherry are the apple and then the strawberry. It’s not yet apple season, but the strawberries in the garden are ripening now!

While we found cherries in a wide variety of colors, the vast majority of strawberries on sacks are red, a few yellow. Here’s a pair of realistically depicted ones that are larger than life size:
strawberry sackstrawberry sack

These three border print feedsacks feature red and yellow strawberries also; I believe there are other variations of this pattern as well:
strawberry sackstrawberry sackstrawberry sack

These sacks feature just berries, no leaves, blossoms or other designs:
strawberry sackstrawberry sackstrawberry sack

Strawberries in red and blue:
strawberry sackstrawberry sackstrawberry sack

Strawberries in stripes:
strawberry sackstrawberry sack

And strawberries in circles:
strawberry sackstrawberry sack

One color we didn’t see was white strawberries; but we have white wild strawberries in the garden. And if you don’t look at them, they taste as red as any other.

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