March 15, 2013

June 20, 2009 More gloomy days

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If you follow any other blogs from this area of the country (eastern Pennsylvania), you probably already know that we’ve been having a rainy June. Our local airport this month has recorded 13 days with measurable precipitation, 7 without. What’s more, today is the sixth or seventh day this month with a rainfall greater than a half inch. We’ve more than doubled the average rainfall for June so far, and we’re 1 1/2 degrees cooler than average overall this month.
Remembering how distressing it’s been in past years as drought conditions made gardening difficult, I’m reluctant to wish away the rain, but a little moderation would be nice. So far, at least, not much has rotted away, and most things are growing like crazy, thanks to all the rain and the occasional sunny afternoon. One thing that the rain has made easier was something I did this afternoon, between downpours. I went to the garden and pulled carrots for dinner.
In the somewhat rocky and clayey soil, it can become necessary to actually go dig the carrots with a trowel (especially those twisty ones), but not when the ground is so saturated. Today they came out easily, with just a firm, steady pull on the tops. We have two different varieties, one orange and one white – we argue over which is sweeter.

Next week is our summer extravaganza antique show; hopefully better weather for that. And we need some tomato weather soon!

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