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July 12, 2009 Fuzzy finds

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The last weekend in June we participated in another of our three annual shows in Kutztown, PA. It was warm and muggy, and sales were sluggish, too. But what’s always the most fun of any show is the wonderful discoveries – the new finds that add to the breadth of your inventory and your knowledge.

We look for many things at the local shows and markets: fabric and feedsacks, linens, quilts and all sorts of textile items – and also just any odd thing that is intriguing. Because the summer show is smaller and less busy, we found less too, but didn’t come up empty handed. Along with a stack of thirty-some feedsacks, we found these three chenille bedspreads. Unusual ones, that we hadn’t seen the like of before.

The first one was a real surprise. I’ve seen lots of those chenilles with the gaudy peacocks, either alone or in pairs, but here, wearing a skirt of similar design to all those peacocks’ tails, was a genuine southern belle!
southern belle chenille

Alas, it’s not in perfect condition, with a number of holes in the pillow end, and a few minor ones elsewhere, but it was still irresistable. And I couldn’t list it as a cutter, either. It’s on eBay now, right here, and it appears that it may be hard for other folks to resist as well.

The next one turned up in a booth nearly adjacent to ours, and was another surprise. I’m used to the cherries motif on all sorts of kitchen items – tablecloths, towels, curtains, canister sets – but hadn’t seen it on a bedspread before.
cherries chenille

The cherries spread will probably end up listed in my eBay store, before too long. It’s a pale green, though that may not show too well in my picture.

The last one is for my Kansas friends – a sunflower spread. Yellow and brown, which seems a bit more masculine than most chenilles, but a great design, and nice dense, heavy fluffy chenille.
sunflower chenille

The sunflower spread is already listed here in my eBay store.

When I showed these to my friends at the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers’ Club (we like a whole lot more than just tablecloths), different ones seemed to have a different favorite. All in all, a neat bunch of fuzzy finds.

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