March 22, 2013

Feedsack Friday – Plaids

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Feedsack Friday is back again!

We’ve previously considered feedsacks with a checked pattern, the possible variations including color, scale, orientation. With plaids more variation is possible, especially the idea of the asymmetrical or unbalanced pattern.

To narrow the field a bit, we’ll begin our consideration of plaids today with single-color examples. Oddly, I found only one example of a balanced plaid with a straight or square orientation (in two different colors), but a great number with a diagonal orientation.
balanced red plaidbalanced green plaidbalanced blue plaid
balanced blue plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced green plaid
balanced green plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced purple plaid
We seem to have found a great number more single color plaids in red than in other shades. Quilters don’t seem to use plaids much, though they can be interesting for sashing and bordering.
balanced blue plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced blue plaid
balanced red plaidbalanced blue plaidbalanced blue plaidThe single color plaids are certainly less common than the multi-colored ones; but of these, the balanced plaids shown above and at left seem to be much more common. We did, however, find a few unbalanced single color plaids, which are shown here.
balanced green plaidbalanced red plaidbalanced red plaid
Next time, we’ll show lots more plaids in a wide variety of colors. We’ll probably do one week for the balanced patterns, another for the unbalanced. And in case there should be too many to consider at any one time, we may also have to divide them by other criteria.

Way back when we first balanced red plaidbalanced red plaid
started our feedsack business, plaids were distinctly unpopular, which is reflected by the fact that we, at that time, combined two of them in the same picture, the same pattern in different colors. At least now we give each feedsack its own mug shot!

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