March 18, 2013

August 14, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Back to School

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Here it is, mid-August, and the stores are geared up for back-to-school sales. I always remember, this time of year, how hot it could sometimes be in the classroom when we first went back. You’d feel really cooped up on those still summer-like days.

As always, feedsacks represented most aspects of the life of their times, and back to school was part of it. Many a young girl in rural areas went back with a new feedsack dress or two, and more than a few hoped their friends’ families wouldn’t have bought the same pattern and made them similar dresses. And of course, many envied those special store-bought ones. Only today do we finally appreciate how special those feedsack clothes really were.

Here are feedsacks showing a one-room country school, in two patterns, two colorways each. And then two colors of a village scene with school, buses, etc.
Back to SchoolBack to SchoolBack to School
Back to SchoolBack to SchoolBack to School

Back to SchoolBack to SchoolFinally, a sack that shows older girls with larger school buildings that remind me a lot of my hometown high school.

Many of these pictures come from my old inventory, and were taken years ago before I had either the ability or the need to preserve sharper, more detailed images. As I get the chance, I do update older images for my archive.

Next week we’ll try to get some more summery subject, while summer remains!

March 17, 2013

August 10, 2009 Tomato season revisited

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tomato timeAs we do every year, we’re again celebrating tomato season. Because of a cool, wet spring and early summer, the tomatoes were late to arrive here, but are now ripening in great numbers. And today Tim, our resident farmer and tomato guru, was once again on the CBS Early Show, sharing his tomato expertise.
Here’s the story, complete with a couple of his favorite recipes.

And here is the video:

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August 7, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Going Native

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This week Feedsack Friday will concentrate on Native American themes – and some that may be distantly related. The first four are all different colorways of the same design; the others all different. There are two different colorways of the design featuring feathers.
Native American sackNative American sackNative American sack
Native American sackNative American sackNative American sack

We’ve also included a border print, as well as a juvenile with children dressed as “Injuns”.
Native American sackNative American sackNative American sack

That’s all for today, but we’ll have more fun feedsacks next Friday!

August 5, 2009 The Healthcare Debate

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I generally avoid discussing political matters in this blog; though I have my opinions I feel they’re better expressed at another time and place.

What I do believe is that this country’s health care system does need changes. And I believe that most people in this country also feel that way. The difference is not in recognition of the problem, but in the wide diversity of opinion on the solution.

Lines have been drawn in the political sand, insurance company lobbies are pouring $1 million a day into the fight.

Whatever your feeling about our healthcare system, you deserve a chance to make your feelings known. So I decry what’s been happening at the town hall meetings held by various members of congress during their August recess. A mob, a bunch of thugs shouting down everyone else, including the congressional representative, all in the name of free speech.

If free speech is important to you, then it is also imperative that you respect that same right for other citizens. Everyone should be heard, not just those willing to shout loudest and longest.

July 31, 2009 Feedsack Friday – The End of Rose Season

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Well, we’ve come to the last of our posts of rose patterned feedsacks; this one concentrates on border or pillowcase print sacks. Again there’s quite a variety, and again there are multiple colorways of many if not all of them. Lacking multiple colorways, there’s still pink, which seems by far the most popular.
roses border printroses border printroses border print
roses border printroses border printroses border print

The next three, with the parasol lady silhouetted in the heart, are among my favorites.
roses border printroses border printroses border print
roses border printroses border printroses border print

A few of these are not exactly the same style as most others, but all have roses, and borders.
roses border printroses border printroses border print
roses border printroses border printroses border print

That conclude’s Feedsack Friday’s roses study, for now. I’m not sure what we’ll do next week. Of course, suggestions are always appreciated.

July 24, 2009 Feedsack Friday – More Roses

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It seems that we’ve gone through all the most popular colors of roses – red, pink, yellow; even blue and purple. But there are more. This installment of Feedsack Friday Roses includes white and silver roses, three colorways of one pattern, and a different one with silvery roses on blue accented by tiny red roses.
roses feedsackroses feedsackroses feedsack
roses feedsack

One more variation that has to be included is the unusual green rose – not sure I’d be able to find a bouquet of these:
roses feedsackroses feedsackroses feedsack

Next week we’ll have the final installment of roses on Feedsack Friday – this time we’ll again have a wide selection and variety as we feature roses found on those border print sacks so often used for pillowcases and curtains.

July 17, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Purple Roses?

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We’re beginning to exhaust the topic of roses on Feedsack Fridays, but first we have a few more. These purple roses are probably different from any seen in nature – lovers of violets and lilacs should also like roses like these:
purple rosespurple rosespurple roses

Apparently there are fewer of these purple roses than other colors, but they still come in all sizes, from large to tiny.
purple rosespurple rosespurple roses

purple rosespurple rosespurple roses

July 12, 2009 Fuzzy finds

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The last weekend in June we participated in another of our three annual shows in Kutztown, PA. It was warm and muggy, and sales were sluggish, too. But what’s always the most fun of any show is the wonderful discoveries – the new finds that add to the breadth of your inventory and your knowledge.

We look for many things at the local shows and markets: fabric and feedsacks, linens, quilts and all sorts of textile items – and also just any odd thing that is intriguing. Because the summer show is smaller and less busy, we found less too, but didn’t come up empty handed. Along with a stack of thirty-some feedsacks, we found these three chenille bedspreads. Unusual ones, that we hadn’t seen the like of before.

The first one was a real surprise. I’ve seen lots of those chenilles with the gaudy peacocks, either alone or in pairs, but here, wearing a skirt of similar design to all those peacocks’ tails, was a genuine southern belle!
southern belle chenille

Alas, it’s not in perfect condition, with a number of holes in the pillow end, and a few minor ones elsewhere, but it was still irresistable. And I couldn’t list it as a cutter, either. It’s on eBay now, right here, and it appears that it may be hard for other folks to resist as well.

The next one turned up in a booth nearly adjacent to ours, and was another surprise. I’m used to the cherries motif on all sorts of kitchen items – tablecloths, towels, curtains, canister sets – but hadn’t seen it on a bedspread before.
cherries chenille

The cherries spread will probably end up listed in my eBay store, before too long. It’s a pale green, though that may not show too well in my picture.

The last one is for my Kansas friends – a sunflower spread. Yellow and brown, which seems a bit more masculine than most chenilles, but a great design, and nice dense, heavy fluffy chenille.
sunflower chenille

The sunflower spread is already listed here in my eBay store.

When I showed these to my friends at the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers’ Club (we like a whole lot more than just tablecloths), different ones seemed to have a different favorite. All in all, a neat bunch of fuzzy finds.

July 10, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Yellow Roses

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After red and pink, it seems only logical that yellow roses would be among the ones most commonly found on feedsacks. But, alas, it seems they lag waaay behind blue ones, even though they’re more realistic. Still, we found a good selection of various sizes.
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses

We did find that, besides white, the color green was the most commonly used with yellow roses.
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses

And a few more:
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses
yellow rosesyellow rosesyellow roses

July 3, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Independence Day

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Time for another special holiday edition of Feedsack Friday. July 4th, America’s celebration of their founding, is tomorrow. And although red, white and blue feedsacks abound in both geometric and floral patterns, there are few in patriotic themes.

How can we celebrate the fourth of July without a few fireworks?


But this sack was obviously made to commemorate the founding principles of the United States, loudly proclaiming Liberty!


Have a happy 4th, everyone! Looks like we’ll have great weather here in PA!