March 14, 2013

April 17, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Logos

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We talked before about bag companies promoting their product; the chief indications that we’ve found of a bag’s maker have been on paper labels attached to the sack. Plain sacks with advertising printed on them also often display the name and/or logo of the maker. Only three or four companies that we know of actually printed the company name or logo on a sack with a printed design. Percy B. Kent Co. printed their name right on the famous WWII sack, which they called Kent’s cloth of the United Nations, while the blue sack shown below had the name Staley (presumably from the Staley Milling Co. of Kansas) repeated in one selvedge.
kent's clothstaley sack
Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any information about the following two logos, each shown in detail beside the sack on which they were found:
empire logoempire logo
empire logoempire logo
Each of these two logos is repeated several times along one side of the sack near the selvedge. We’d love to hear from anyone who has information about the Empire or FF logos and the companies they represent.

April 13, 2009 Comfort Food – Potato Love

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One of my favorite meals that qualifies as comfort food is one that we make often in late summer, stuffed green peppers. Whenever we can pick them fresh, we’ll make them as often as once a week, in a double batch, and freeze half for later use. This week we’re using the second last frozen batch, and some time in a month or so we’ll use the last, praying for the new crop to hurry up!

With this meal, we always enjoy mashed potatoes too. Getting ready to make them, I reached into the bag of potatoes and pulled out a few, including this one:
lovin' potato
It goes well with the vintage Tammis Keefe kitchen towel, doesn’t it? Gotta love it!

Of course, I couldn’t bear to mash it, but now I have a dilemma – what to do with it? Sell it on eBay perhaps? Slice it thin and make heart-shaped chips? Or is there a way to petrify and preserve it?

April 10, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Bows


I thought of the song Buttons and Bows as a theme for this week’s Feedsack Friday posting, but buttons are not common on feedsacks. In two cases that I’ve seen, they are combined with bows; but bows themselves are common indeed, occurring alone and tied with bouquets on many feedsacks.

Here are a few that emphasize bows in particular, the first being the ones with buttons, too:
buttons & bows feedsackbuttons & bows feedsack

Just bows:
bows feedsackbows feedsackbows feedsack
bows feedsackbows feedsackbows feedsack

Many feature bows with dots, some with ribbons, flowers, or leaves….
bows feedsackbows feedsackbows feedsack
bows feedsackbows feedsackbows feedsack
bows feedsackbows feedsackbows feedsack

April 8, 2009 Spring fling

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This past weekend we did our first outdoor antique market of this season. Though it was rather chilly in the early morning, it warmed up in the spring sunshine to almost 60 degrees, with a little breeze, later in the day. Because good weather was predicted, we expected a good turnout, but it was rather less busy than we thought it would be. Perhaps because it was Palm Sunday, perhaps for economic reasons, or perhaps because the day before had been cold and VERY windy. (This morning we had snow flurries!)

Nevertheless, it’s the time of the year to get out there and start selling, so we did! Of course, there’s buying to do at the same time – or rather, first, because you have to find the bargains before they’re gone, while you have all morning to sell. And we were lucky, finding a trove of lovely linens first thing. We bought a mid-19th century applique quilt – large with great Turkey red prints – and a crazy quilt with a number of hand painted pieces with birds, butterflies, etc.

I had hoped to get these quilts photographed and present them here this week, but, as luck should have it, we sold both later in the day. So although business was less than stellar, we still did decently well.

What we did bring home from the same lot was a pretty group of society silk embroidered doilies and some other pieces of linen and lace, perfect for spring.

I’ve always loved the way roses are depicted in silk floss on linen:
society embroidered rosessociety embroidered roses

We found wild roses too, on this unusual fringed doily, as well as violets, another popular subject for society embroidery.
society embroidered rosessociety embroidered violets

Less common, but still pretty in this medium are these pieces with flower baskets and forget-me-nots.
society embroiderysociety embroidery

Finally, a few more of the pretty items from this lot. All will be offered either on our website or in our eBay store.
society embroiderysociety embroiderysociety embroidery

April 3, 2009 Feedsack Friday – April Showers

We’ve started April off right – after a rather dry late winter, the spring rains have arrived here in eastern Pennsylvania. Not without a little thunder and hail, I might add. In keeping with the rain, we’re featuring umbrellas and rain as depicted on feedsacks today. Here are a few of our favorites:

On these two, it’s raining cats and dogs. Watch out for poodles!
umbrellas feedsackumbrellas feedsack

Ladies huddle together on the border of this sack as rain (and flowers and umbrellas!) fall from the sky, little ducks seem to enjoy the weather with their umbrellas, and bolts of lightning illuminate a yellow landscape.
umbrellas feedsackumbrellas feedsackumbrellas feedsack

Finally, the rest of our umbrellas are accompanied by the flowers that the showers will presumably bring.
umbrellas feedsackumbrellas feedsackumbrellas feedsack

April 2, 2009 Greening

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The spring rains have finally arrived and it’s become my favorite time of year – green season. Between showers, when the sun comes out, everything takes on a green glow, brighter than at any other time. The aura of new life brings renewed hope and energy to the world, and of course reminds me of all the work I have to do to keep up. Soon the lawn, that was still brown a week ago, will need mowing – and I’m still not done raking all the leaves from last fall!

Meanwhile I’m also readying the garden for this season’s planting, as the daffodils begin to open, the blades of iris rise, and the other perennials revive. This weekend we’ll be setting up at the market in Adamstown for the first time this year; it’s the week of the Lancaster quilt show, and we’ll be taking along plenty of fabrics, quilt tops, quilts and more. I guess it’s time to stop blogging and get busy!

March 27, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Dogwood

I noticed in a news broadcast from Washington, DC the other day (lots of broadcasts from DC lately, no?) that the cherry blossoms are opening. While we’ve already featured cherries in our Feedsack Friday posts, with the advent of early spring I thought today I’d feature another early bloomer, the dogwood. Is your dogwood blooming yet? The buds on ours are fattening, it’ll still be a little while until they burst, along with the daffodils.
dogwood sackdogwood sackdogwood sack
These three are different colored versions of the same pattern; but it seems to be the most common one, and I’ve never run out of them. Other dogwood sacks are hard to find and in fact this is all I can find this week. When we get to roses, it’ll be different.
dogwood sackdogwood sack

We’re back and forth this week, from the forties to the sixties, nighttime temperatures in the 30’s mostly. Soon spring will settle in, as I frantically work to get the garden ready.

March 20, 2009 Spring

Spring is finally here. It’s chilly today, with snow flurries early this morning, not atypical of the first day of spring, but we’re seeing more hours of daylight, and the temperatures in general are rising.

Though spring is our most eagerly awaited and anticipated season, it’s also the one that brings the most responsibility. It’s time to ready the garden for planting and clean up winter debris, and also time to prepare for our spring season of outdoor antique sales as the weekends warm. And it’s a time for beginning new projects, as if we didn’t already have plenty on our plates. Luckily the season brings with it a burst of energy; hopefully the energy lasts long enough to accomplish a reasonable number of the tasks.

Between chilly gusts of wind today I managed to photograph a quilt that I thought was appropriate to early spring both in color and theme. I don’t know if the pattern has a name, or whether it’s supposed to represent anything in particular, but the idea of flowers along with the preponderance of green along with a little Easter purple seemed to me just the thing for today.
spring flowers quilt
spring flowers quilt

With all this greenery, the real flowers won’t be far behind – our snowdrops are blooming throughout the woods, the daffodils are 4 inches out of the ground, and Tim’s already planted carrots and peas in the field.

March 20, 2009 Feedsack Friday – Chicken Linen

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Some folks call feedsack fabric Chicken linen. Since the main source for many people was the bags that contained their chicken feed, the term is appropriate. A couple of our favorite chicken feed sacks are shown here:
chicken linenchicken linenchicken linen

But of course, the sacks above were not reused until the printing was washed out. On the other hand, there are many printed feedsacks that also have more than one reason to be called chicken linen:
chicken linenchicken linenchicken linen

Some show chickens or roosters among various kitchen items:
chicken linenchicken linenchicken linen

And others show chickens in the farm setting, including last but hardly least, the weathercock, tirelessly pointing the wind direction from atop the farmhouse or barn.
chicken linenchicken linenchicken linen

March 17, 2009 Happy St. Pat’s!

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Here it is St. Patrick’s day, and I have nothing in particular ready for the blog, so I’ll have to improvise.

4h sack
So, in the case of the feedsack shown at left, we have green and shamrocks, and the H is for Hibernia???

OK, well, it’s really a feedsack with 4 leaf clovers to commemorate 4-H clubs, but it’s the best I could do on short notice.

Happy St. Patrick’s day, and may the luck o’ the Irish be with ye!!